MECAWT engages in a number of activities and offers a number of services to the local community; these can be split up into the following 3 sections:


  • 6-13 Islamic education – after school and Saturdays
  • Adult Arabic / Tajweed (Arabic pronunciation) daily evening classes.
  • Women’s classes – Daily classes during the day and on Saturday mornings
  • Homework club – Maths & English classes up to GCSE level on weekends.
  • Islamic bookshop which sells books, clothing, halal sweets etc


  • Addressing Health Issues with local Asian community
  • Matrimonial Services – counselling service available
  • Performing Marriage ceremony (Nikah) –
  • Counselling service for all religious/none religious issues
  • Study Circles – Addressing Social Issues for both men and women
  • Engaging in council led discussions on educational matters affecting Asian community
  • Youth engagement programs – motivational speeches and youth events and clubs.


  • Charity fundraising – Nationally & internationally
    • Raising awareness and funds for those suffering from poverty
    • Responding to Natural disasters
  • Offering MECAWT Staff as helping hands
  • Chaplaincy at local hospital
  • Interfaith work – Helping to bridge relations with other faiths




 *** Course is now complete ***

Empowering Women: Beginner’s Sewing Crash-course £45 until 20th Oct £55 thereafter.

November 5, 2016, 11:00am – November 5, 2016, 8:00am

A 6 week crash course for beginners that teaches the basic essentials of sewing. This course is one of many upcoming skills courses to empower women and give them the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills.