Kids Section

The Madrassah students have been involved in a project with the One Nation charity group.

A gift bag has been produced as part of their “Bags of Hope” appeal to provide gifts to similar aged kids in Syria.

Each student brought a toy or small gift to complete the bag which already contained colouring pencils, drawing/writing books, water bottle and a pack of sweets. This was finished off with a personal message sent in the bag.

Insh’Allah these gift bags will arrive in Syria in time for Eid ul Fitr 2017.

This forced the students to think about charity and why it is so important in the Islamic faith, it also provided them a tangible link to the kids who do not enjoy the luxuries we do here in the west.

May the Almighty bless this project and put the love of the Ummah in our children’s hearts. Ameen

IMG_20170303_102757 IMG_20170303_103002 Final BOH