Madrasah Monthly Payment Changes

The MECAWT has now chanced its policy with regards payment of madrasah fees.  Rather than take payment in cash from students we are now encouraging all parents to pay direct into out bank account via an online transfer.

We thank all those that have adopted this method of payment and for those who do not currently have this setup please set up a Direct Debit or pay monthly on line.

The reduces the administration for teachers chasing payments, handling cash, security of keeping cash on premises and banking.

Please set the payment to arrive not later than the 3rd of every month. As you are aware payment is required at the start of every month.

Please reference the payment with child’s name and the word Fees as this will help us check the payment has been made. If the child’s name is too long or you have more than one child please use the eldest child’s full name plus initials of other siblings.


Account no – 61196812

Sort Code – 40 24 38

If there are any issues with this please contact Saqub Hussain during teaching hours or email us on

Jazakallah khair in advance for your corporation.